The Healing Nutrients Within (BOOK)

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Author: Eric Braverman, MD

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The two dozen amino acids present in the human body are now being shown to be among the most potent healing substances ever discovered. These constituents of protein are necessary to every life process, but research and clinical work in the last two decades have revealed a vast range of therapeutic functions for amino acids, including:
• arginine’s ability to improve sexual dysfunction
• phenylalanine’s pain-relieving powers
• tyrosine’s addiction-fighting potential and energizing action
• methionine’s role in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease and as an antidepressant
• tryptophan’s promising use with hyperactivity
• cysteine’s emergence as one of the body’s best free-radical destroyers
This update and revision of the landmark book on amino acids covers the exciting discoveries of the last decade and shows you how to use them in your personal health-management program.

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